Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another Baptist Busted

RobertMichaelBlackRobert Michael Black, a.k.a Jon Still, a.k.a Pastor Rob Black of historic New Home Baptist church in Kansas, was busted for soliciting sex from an undercover cop posing as a 13-year-old girl.

It seems that his Facebook account, where he is alleged to have solicited sex from the cop, was linked to over 100 young teen girls.

Still spent time messaging and chatting with the detective and, thinking he was arranging an encounter with a minor, eventually started talking explicitly and suggested they meet for sex, the detective said.

The two arranged to meet on April 2 at a car wash across from a bowling alley on Liberty Drive. Investigators met him there and brought him in for questioning, they said.

It is hard from me to remain objective when people like Black arrange to meet somebody they think is 13 for for the express purpose of having sex. When you add in the fact that he is a pastor, it just makes my skin crawl.

But the real creepy thing is know what his family is about to go through. Pastor Black has a wife and three young children. I found a family photo at their church.

blackfamilyBlur I have no interest to drag his wife and children through the mud, but it is important to note that each time one of these pastors go after a child, there are more victims. Black can smile all he wants, the next year will be a living hell for those who care about him.