Thursday, April 09, 2009

A little help please

Larro, a longtime friend and supporter of the Atheist blogroll, is asking for other bloggers to help keep the blogroll up-to-date. He posted this last night on a comment thread, I think it deserves attention on the front page.

I am interested in collaborating with other bloggers in maintaining a monitoring system of Mojoey's Atheist Blogroll.

The sheer number of blogs is overwhelming as every few months I have to remaster the list of blogs one by one in my feed reader and the search engine (just to keep things accurate). It was fine and dandy (lol) when there were only a couple hundred to contend with but as the list is growing and set to break one thousand I'm thinking that a group effort would be splendid in monitoring these blogs.

I am completely open to suggestions...completely. As it stands I've created a "toolkit" a while back whereby I keep my notes regarding the Atheist Blogroll blogs. Don't mind the mess; It's become quite cluttered.

Larro helps keep the blogroll up to date. He reports problems and I fix them. His toolkit is a valuable resource which I use in my Google reader to keep track of other blogs. Plus his Google search engine is pretty useful too.

Can you help? Do you have ideas? Post them in the comments please.

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