Monday, September 13, 2010

Pastor Nathaniel Calhoun arrested

Pastor Nathaniel Calhoun of The House of Prayer in Hillsboro was arrested for molesting children at his church.

Calhoun allegedly started sexually assaulting a 12,13, and 16 girl in the 1980's, out of his church on highway 77 in Hill county, in the Tres Vidas community.

The abuse lasted over a 12 to 16 year period, but the girls never came forward then.

"They were talked out of the charges by members of the congregation," Hill County Sheriff Jeffery Lyon said.

For the good of the church”, whenever you hear these words spoken you should start thinking about saving yourself first.The church they are referring to is one of a million. They are ubiquitous, especially in Texas. It’s a building that houses a few adults who make their living from the believers who attend services. What they are really saying is, “Don’t put us out of a job.”

I hear they want to change the name of the church to the House of Abuse.


Tiffany Anne Rosenbower said...

Iv'e heard of religious leaders (Catholic priests in particular) that would get in trouble for sexual child abuse, and would simply get sent to church after church as a result. It's really dumb. Religious leaders are not nececcesarily "holier than thou" so to speak. No individual should be exempt from such a basic law.

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I was a member of Pastor Calhoun's church. I sat under this strong arm teaching... I watched him destroy marriages by telling the wives that their husband's had a devil. I remember one day that he made one of the sisters bring her brand new television set to the church so that he could "destroy it". He used a scripture that says, "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes". Anyway, he never destroyed it... he ended up keeping it. That along with other things he told this sister caused her marriage to fail. Last I heard she had turned her back on the Lord and became a prostitute. That was quite a few years back. I think about her beautiful children... what happened to them. Anyway, while I was there, we all lived in three houses in Oak Cliff. I lived in one of the houses, which was supposedly the church... he lived in one of the houses with his wife and a couple of other "sisters". The other people... all women... lived in the third house. There were only two men in the church... the pastor and myself. When myself and one of the sisters approached him for permission to get married, he debunked it saying we weren't ready. Each of the women shared what they called a common closet. They shared the same clothes... long dresses and headcoverings. In the evening time, we would all gather in the Pastor's house where he would teach us while some of the women "ministered" to him... they would comb his hair... wipe his nose... feed him. We were all required to work and to bring our paychecks and "lay it at the apostle's feet". I left there after about a year if I recall correctly. I have many stories to tell about what I witnessed while I was there.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the status of this criminal case? Was Calhoun ever convicted of the sexual assaults or was he let go?

grankid said...

I'm also curious as to what happened to him..any updates??