Monday, September 13, 2010

Photo a day – Street art


Taking my camera with me wherever I go has its advantages. For starters, I am almost never bored. I manage to find something interesting to shoot, even if I’m just shopping. I shot street art in the Little Tokyo area of Los Angeles yesterday. Every light pole, utility box, and newspaper box in this part of the city is covered in stencils, sticker, and paste ups. Most are in various states of disarray.

I found this on 3rd near the Buddhist temple. It was new to me so I shot several angles. My family had walked on without me. At times I think that my constant photography embarrasses them. I know it does for my 15-year-old son.

I encountered a skateboarding photographer earlier in the day. I watched as he set up his equipment and shot a picture of a ally leading to another Buddhist temple. We watched each other obliquely. I know he was wondering what I was doing, while at the same time I was watching his technique with interest. After he moved on I shot the same location. I found it unappealing.