Friday, August 13, 2010

Pastor Jason Bolton arrested

JasonBolton Baptist youth pastor Jason Bolton was arrested on charges that he raped a teenage girl. Bolton was the youth pastor at Potomac Crest Baptist Church in Woodbridge, VA. I wonder what he will lose in this deal?
Bolton, who is married and the father of three children, resigned from the church staff in May, apparently after the allegations came to light.
Oh, a family, that sucks. I’ll bet he does a stretch in prison too. That can’t be good for the whole “service to Christ” thing I’m sure he dedicated his life to at some point in his past. And then there is the sexual predator tag he will carry the rest of his life. That can’t be good for his long term prospects in the ministry.
Jebus – I’m listening to Barry Manilow’s I Write the Songs as I write this post. It’s giving me the creeps. OK – I changed to STP’s Creep. I fell better now.

Back to the alleged pedophile Jason Bolton. He had this to say about himself in an online profile.
“I am not perfect and I make mistakes every day,” Bolton says in the profile that has since been removed. “My hope is that through my life I can help show youth that Jesus Loves them and that He wants them so much that He died for them.”
I guess he showed them. He’s a pretty boy, I wonder who will show him the love of Jebus in prison? Say hello to my little friend...