Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pastor Alex Castillo accused

Two boys came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a Ontario, CA, priest. Fr. Alex Castillo has not been charged and maintains his innocence.
A letter revealing the allegations was read during all of the weekend Masses at the four Inland parishes where the Rev. Alex Castillo has served.
Castillo maintains his innocence, diocesan spokesman John Andrews said. Castillo could not be located for comment.
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I don’t normally track allegation until an arrest is made. I want to start gathering statistics on how many accused priests actually make it to trial or are found innocent. There are some persistent people out there who claim I misrepresent what is really going on by simply reporting the arrests and convictions.
I will resist the desire to be snarky in these cases. It will be hard, but I will. I can’t stop the readers of course.

I’ve also started a new project which will gather all of these accusations together in one place. You may notice a tab called Bad Pastors on my header. It will contain a alphabetical list of every pastor mention in my Hypocrisy Watch posts.

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