Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Another youth pastor falls

I really need to start keeping track of how many pastors get caught molesting children. The numbers would stun people. Take Jennifer Michelle Brennan of Stafford County in some far away place called Fredericksburg. She stands accused of 10 counts of molesting a 15-year-old boy. Oh crap… I just wrote SHE. This is a first.

According to court records and sources, Brennan met the boy through her position as youth minister at Saint Matthias United Methodist Church in Stafford. The boy's mother said that among other things, Brennan counseled her son and his girlfriend against premarital sex.

An affidavit for a search warrant states that Brennan began holding and kissing the boy during counseling sessions, and the acts later escalated to sodomy and sexual intercourse.

Well… I guess women can abuse relationships and positions of authority along with them men. I know this is a problem in our public schools too.

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