Monday, June 20, 2011

Rev. John Corapi resigns

Rev. John Corapi made the difficult decision to leave the Roman Catholic priesthood after becoming dissatisfied by how the church is handling his sexual misconduct allegation. He accused the church of mishandling the case.

In his eight-minute audio statement, Corapi stressed that he is innocent, but indicated frustration with a church judicial process that he saw leading to "[leaving] me suspended indefinitely and just [letting] me fade away.

It’s interesting to watch the trend in the Catholic church toward obfuscation and delay. Failing to take decisive action must be a strategy. What is the harm in giving Corapi his day in court? Why must he wait? Does he even have the right to face his accuser?

Perhaps if the alleged sexual misconduct were tried in the public courts we would see a quicker resolution to the problem. There are no criminal charges pending. There is just the internal investigation and delay It all sounds so familiar.