Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The odd case of Pastor Jerry Casey

I am guilty of judging people. I do it all the time. It’s my nature. I read about what they do, and research their cases. I reach a judgment that is often unfavorable. I reached a judgment in the case of Pastor Jerry J. Casey. I think he escaped judgment.

godshouse Pastor Casey head the God’s House Church in Colinsville. Storefront churches are always a bad indicator in sexual assault cases as they give me the impression of a pastor running his own show with little oversight. Plus, Pastor Casey works as a police officer in his day job. Whenever a pastor works a real job on top of running a church, I think of the church as his hobby. Whenever a pastor works as a cop I think of his need for control and power. It sends the wrong signal to my clergy sexual abuse detector. Here is somebody with a need for control working within a system that protects its own. When you add that his sexual assault case was “lost in the system”, I make a judgment and find that pastor Case is a bad man. He somehow managed to escape accountability for sexual assault allegations from four woman.

An investigation into whether a pastor, who recently became a Brooklyn police officer, sexually assaulted four young women church-goers was opened Thursday by Illinois State Police, more than seven years after another police agency claimed to have handed off the case to the state.

The initial complainant was a 17-year-old woman who told a detective in 2003 that the Rev. Jerry L. Casey lured her from Madison County to an apartment in Shiloh in August 2002 with the promise of a job selling magazines and then forced her to briefly perform oral sex.

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The case was handed to the state police for further investigation. I expect an indictment soon.