Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Evil Lurks in Lubbock

Another pedophile Lubbock pastor is on his way to prison for molesting a 6 year old boy who attended Light of the World Christian Center. Royce Jimenez was found guilty on August 15th.
Jimenez claimed he never did anything inappropriate. The jury disagreed.
In Lubbock, police reports it says the boy told his parents the pastor had taken him to a VA clinic, where they shared a bathroom stall and exchanged in inappropriate touching.

In court, Jimenez testified he used the urinal, while the boy went in a separate stall. Jimenez says the boy came over to him and said his genitals looked like his fathers. Jimenez says he told the boy that it was inappropriate to look at him.
Lubbock is a hotbed of pastoral abuse. I've posted on the several stories from this location already: James Clark - Here & Blaine Miller - here and here.

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