Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lubbock Pastor May Not Stand Trial

I wrote about James Clark in May. Clark is accused of importing an exchange student from Africa for use as his personal prostitute. Clark may not stand trial.

Declining health may keep a former Lubbock pastor from standing trial.

James Clark is accused of forcing an African exchange student to have sex in return for tuition last year. He faces several charges including compelling prostitution, money laundering and fraud.

Clark had been set to stand trial on June 11th. Several health problems, including a stroke, keep pushing back that court date.

So now, the prosecutors and defense have asked that Clark be evaluated to see if he is even competent to stand trial.

Determining if a man is competent to stand trail is a scary thought. In this case it would mean that Clark's stroke was serious enough to affect is ability to understand write an wrong. I hope that is not that case, nobody deserves to live like that, not even a hypocrite. Besides, I would rather Clark spend the rest of his days in prison (assuming his guilt).


Rasputin said...

I beg to differ. If he imported a personal sex slave then hypocrisy is the least of his crimes and he most certainly does deserve to live like that.

Krystalline Apostate said...

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Goo said...

I feel more sorry for the girl that he forced to have sex with him! Maybe he is getting his just deserts.

Johnny Crow said...

maybe "god" struck his ass down.

No one deserves to live in a vegetative state. If I were to ever be in a position like that I would want them to pull the plug if I didn't have more than a 40-50% chance to come out of it. After a year or no more than two, then pull it... fuck that shit...

as far as this guy is concerned. He will probably get to stay in some nice hospital prison where he can live happily until his ass dies and rots in the hell only ignorant people believe in.