Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another sexual predator posing as a pastor in Lubbock?

I've been following the trials of tribulations of alleged pedophile Blaine Miller for about a month now. His church is going through hell sorting out how to deal with Miller and the pastor who is protecting him. I wish them well. The comment thread indicates Miller is allowed access to a church run day care center - even after two one outstanding sexual abuse indictment. Something is seriously wrong at Lakeridge Baptist Church. I've taken the extraordinary step of contacting the local media in an effort to draw attention to Millers alleged continued access to children.

Lubbock is a smallish town in Texas, how many sexual predictor/pastors can there be in one town? I was shocked to learn the number is at least two. James Clark, is the former pastor of Mount Vernon United Methodist Church on Cedar Avenue in Lubbock. Clark is alleged to have imported an Kenyan exchange student for use as his own prostitute. He turned an innocent girl into a prostitute under the guise of benevolent Christian missionary work- do they teach that in the bible?

Count 43, importation of an alien for immoral purposes, alleges that between August 14, 2005 and January 15, 2006, Clark brought an alien, “Jane Doe,” into the U.S. from Kenya for the purpose of prostitution. In April 2006, Clark was arrested by the Hockley County District Attorney’s Office in Levelland, Texas, for the offense of compelling prostitution by force/threat. Federal search warrants were executed at Clark’s home and office with the primary purpose to find evidence relating to human trafficking. However, a cursory review of the seized evidence revealed evidence of violations having been committed by Clark regarding the participation in the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church in the Summer Food Service Program

James Clark sounds like a peach. If convicted of his crimes, Clark will die in jail. You spin the wheel, you take your chances.

What is it about Texas? I drink bottled water now when I visit, "just in case".


Jr. said...

You know a few years ago, they found some guy with the largest collection of kiddie porn in either the state or nation, I don't remember, here.

stuttering~vrrronika said...

I have a strong feeling that Huckabee will be exposed as a sexual predator of children. Huckabee has that child molester vice about him. He is truly scary.

Anonymous said...

you know your deep thoughts will only blow up in your face some day. so keep thinking real hard now.

Mojoey said...

anon - oh come on, you can make a better threat than that? I mean, well... your post is fucking pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hell is a real place I hope you will like it there.

Mojoey said...

anon - I need a good name for you. Something lubfuck fits. Hell is not a real place. Hell is made up. If hell were real, people would be able to visit. Since hell is made up, I can only figure that you are an idiot.

Perhaps "Lubbuck's fool" - that fits.

Anonymous said...

ok fool if hell is made up then who started it? your about the most stupid dumd ass ever .i do think your the sexual predator of all . because that all you whine about . grow up jerk move on

Mojoey said...

anon - Try you're instead of your, you sound like an idiot.

Try dumbass instead of dumb ass, you sound like an idiot.

Try thinking before you write, you sound like an idiot.

When you take a break from cleaning toilets, try reading another blog.

Anonymous said...

So sence your just so smart with your mouth then why do you not know whats going on in the miller case? what is the problum with the justice system on this case? why is it not going to trial? see your so smart that you don,t have a clue on anything. you must be in to some fourm of molester your self. you live on the west coast so you must be gay .

Mojoey said...

What do I not know what is happening with Miller? I do know what is happening unless it is printed in a newspaper, I do not post it on my blog unless it is printed in a newspaper. I do not print hearsay as original contect. Mr. Miller has some expectation of privacy. Even though I want him to go to court, I do not want to pester him with tabloid stories of his life. If somebody wants to post comments about what is going on, they are welcome to do so. But the front page is reserved for news.

The only person obsessed with this case is you. And, I really cannot tell if you are a child or an adult. You write so poorly that I have trouble understanding what you are saying.

Am I to understand that I am gay because I live in California with thirty seven million other people? How does that make any sense?

Am I to understand that I am some for of molester because I am not following the legal issues involved in bring Mr. Miller to trial? How does that make any sense?

I can only conclude that you are either 12-years-old, or simple.

Anonymous said...

ok you can think i,am child if you like .so if you don,t know whats going on then why make a blog of it and not post all your true facts and findings ? because your scared and affraid of the out come . anyone can come up with a wild story to tell .this internet is full of storys .did you have to sit on your throne long to come up with a place called deep thoughts ? sounds like a man thing. what a pitty person you my be. one would think your the child makeing this stuff up.