Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feed the muse: Jesh de Rox

I get tired of writing about screwed up people. Sometimes I like to celibate life and art. Jesh de Rox is a good example. I am a stargazing leaf  - you?

I've worked as a wedding photographer in the past. I could make a living at it. If I worked hard all my life focusing on creating memorable images, I might shoot one that is worthy of the photo's on this site. The photographer is amazing, his post processing textures are stunning. Enjoy.

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yinyang said...

The music, layout, and of course photography of the site is beautiful. A well-needed break from the bad pastor/minister/priest report. I can't imagine searching out all the information you do, day after day.


tina said...

Beautiful! And I agree yinyang, a refreshing change of post. Thanks Mojoey!