Sunday, August 19, 2007

Abuse of the faithful

zI keep waiting for the pious to wake up and realize the have been had. Bill Moyers sums up my thinking in his essay "My Fellow Texan".

Like the proverbial hedgehog, Karl Rove knew one big thing: how to win elections as if they were divine interventions.

You may think God summoned Billy Graham to Florida on the eve of the 2000 election to endorse George W. Bush just in the nick of time, but if it did happen that way, the Good Lord was speaking in a Texas accent.


I keep thinking about how long it will take to repair the damage done by Bush, Rove, and the evangelicals. Knowing that the democrats may take the helm does not fill me with confidence. A solid secular republican would be nice, but there are none. My guess is three or four political cycles are required to right Bush's wrongs. I'll be just about ready to retire by then.


Larro said...

Yep, I've realized this since day one. There was an interview on NPR with the disenchanted former head of the Faith-based Initiative Office. In it he describes conferences with religious leaders in which cabinet members and some members of congress would mock and deride these people behind their backs.
The Bush campaign was only about getting the votes from the religious and faithful based on lies. Well, it's no surprise really we are talking about people believe in a myth.

Johnny Crow said...

You know, I grew up in Texas and at the time and even before then I would say that a majority of those in Texas, farmers, and ranchers were what you would call a Southern Democrat. Look at Bill Clinton and you'll know what I mean. Though in the south, religion is a common thing. It never much got in the way of thinking for yourself. I miss that Texas. I miss that I could say what I please and if I had to I would back it up. People didn't take shit but they also didn't force you to be a certain way. It was a live and let live attitude. Help thy fellow man, yada yada yada. But now with the proliferation of the so-called moral majority, run by the Neo-cons who used religion as the tool to force real and decent democrats out of the running.. it seems like my old home may never be the same.