Monday, January 13, 2014

All the dirty little lies... the Pastor Mark Lewis edition

I had a feeling that there was more to the story of pastor Mark Lewis and his alleged attempt to firebomb an ex-girlfriend. It seems I was right. I found this while doing some research into the suicide of his wife, Joanna Lynn Lewis. Her parents asked the money be donated to a battered women’s shelter. I wonder why?

Posted by "A Concerned Former Member" on June 24, 2013.

UPDATE: Mark Lewis has been caught cheating with the ex wife of another man, and using drugs, lying, being a complete hypocrite, not wanting a directory so that people can associate with each other outside of church. The ladies, especially the younger ones are especially enamored with him. He is a narcissist, and I wonder how many other women he slept with. His wife committed suicide over some sort of financial scandal in 2011. I'm beginning to wonder if there wasn't more to it. He almost stepped down from ministry. Now, I wish I had, because he got to me too. I totally fell for all of his B.S., and when I heard this news, it was from a family who used to lead music there. They told me that he was having an affair, had someone bringing hi drugs onto the property, and not only that, I suffer from fibromyalgia. Their caretaker offered me a "joint" for my pain, on the premisis of the church. I warned Mark, but he didn't take it seriously at all, which is going off like alarm bells now. I totally bought into his charm, his wit, and how good he is behind that pulpit, but even satan can masquerade as an angel of light. I have dropped a dime on him, as he already had his car searched by the police dept just a few short weeks ago. I told him that the caretaker offering people weed was going to take the whole church down, and not only did they search Mark's car, they searched his car as well, which wasn't even his, he was just driving it.
I know he is hurting after his wife's death....but at least now he feels no pain, and he's having sex again!
God bless him eh?????

To be honest, cheating with the ex-wife of another man, especially if you are single, is fair game. Although, in Baptist land, that would still be a sin because sex out of wedlock is fun. The other allegations, those are serious. Here is the list.

  • Using drugs (Meth)
  • Lying
  • Being a hypocrite
  • Controlling communications
  • Narcissist

Reading further into the long list string of posts we find these allegations. 

  • Misappropriate funds
  • Inappropriate conduct with young women
  • alleged arrest over an assault related to a drug deal
  • Spousal abuse
  • Blackmail
  • Sending naked photos of himself to young men
  • Sleeping with the deacon’s wife
  • Pastor Lewis went to prison in his 20s for selling meth
  • The church is bankrupt

And then there was this.

Our sweet daughter died after years of physical, spiritual, and emotional abuse by Mark Lewis. We have been devastated by her loss and nothing will bring her back. It is, however, a small measure of comfort to know that his abuses are coming to light. We hope people, in memory of Joanna, will share with police all they know, including information that may help resolve questions still remaining surrounding the circumstances of her death.

I’m home sick today. I read the whole damn thread coving three years of lies, charges and counter charges. Pastor Lewis makes his presence felt in several posts. It is really too much to take in all at once. This man and his church are a mess. Here’s to hoping that it closes for good and he goes to prison.