Monday, January 13, 2014

Please shut your business down James Dobson. Please.

James Dobson would rather shut down that give required coverage to his employees. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. In fact, I want to encourage him to shut his business down now matter what. Do it as a sign of protest. 

"The evangelist James Dobson still refuses to comply with the Obamacare legislation.   His staunch opposition to the plan, which requires employers to cover abortifacients – or substances that induce abortion, made headlines once again this week.  During an interview, Dobson made it clear that his organization refuses to abide by the abortifacients portion of the birth control mandate, even if it means shutting down his organization.  He went on to say,

‘We are suing (HHS Secretary) Kathleen Sebelius for forcing or trying to force all of us to give abortifacients medications to our employees,’ and I just absolutely refuse to do it.  We’ll close down before I’ll do it.’"

Source: James Dobson Says He Would Rather Shut Down Than Comply With Birth Control Mandate:

Of course, even if he loses his fight he will not shut down. We all know this already. Fanatics like Dobson won’t go that away.