Friday, December 23, 2011

Pastor Phillip Joubert sentenced

Pastor Phillip Joubert, profiled here, was sentenced to five years in prison for molesting his 13-year-old daughter. His daughter even testified against her pervert of a father in open court. Joubert is scum, yet his church thinks he is a saint.

There are several problems with this case. The most troubling is that Joubert admitted to touching his daughters breasts and vagina, but he says he did not have sex with her. After an admission like this, who could stand by him? How does this Christian morality thing work then? If a pastor molesting his daughter is not ‘bad’, then what is? How will Joubert be able to preach on the subject of good and evil if he does not know what it is himself?

His church plans to hire an interim pastor so that Joubert can resume his leadership of the church once he serves his sentence. This is completely insane. If you call yourself a Christian, please make an attempt to play by your own rule book. The bible clearly states that men like Joubert should never be allowed to lead a church. Why allow it? Joubert will be a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender. Will you put that on the marque in front of your church?

Stay away from this man and his church. He will offend again. Just wait.

Joubert is the pastor at New Light Missionary Baptist Church.


Bradley said...

He probably pointed his finger to chastize Catholics as well. The man should be deported to the south pole for eternity.

Badger3k said...

I'd be amazed if the state would allow him to be in a Church with minors, as a registered sex offender. Don't the laws usually require you to stay away from children?

Anonymous said...

There's a joke here about the "New Light Missionary Baptist" position, but it's too easy ...