Friday, December 23, 2011

Pastor Wilbert Brassfield arrested

This one is a double whammy. Wilbert Davis Brassfield was a pastor and a police officer. Both positions are supposed to represent the highest standard of trust and authority. In this case, Brassfiled represents neither.

He is accused of withdrawing more than $10,000 from the Courts of Praise Christian Fellowship Church's bank account without the knowledge or approval of church leaders.

Davis served as pastor of the Fluvanna County church from its inception in 2006 until 2010.

Source: Charlottesville police officer accused of embezzling from church where he formerly was pastor

Embezzlement does not rise to the level of a sex crime, but if we consider this offence in terms of the Christian moral standard of the bible, it is equivalent to murder. All sins are equal, which, of course, is utter hogwash. Stealing $10K is lower on the scale of moral failings than child molestation, which itself is lower on the scale than murder. All sins are not equal. And, do not get me started on the concept of sin.

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