Friday, November 25, 2011

A pastor’s daughter speaks

Pastor Phillip Joubert, profiled here, stands accused of multiple counts of child molestation and related crimes. Including molestation charges stemming from the alleged rape of his own 13 –year-old daughter. She testified against her father in court earlier this week.

Joubert’s daughter said she and her twin brother spent most of that summer away from their Norwalk, Conn., home while they stayed with their father in Bayside to attend Bible camp.

During that time, she said, her father would walk in on her as she showered and touch her inappropriately. One night some time between July 25 and Aug. 2, she testified, Joubert came into her third-floor bedroom as she laid asleep on the bottom bunk of her bed. She said her father climbed on top of her, held her wrists down and struck her several times, then pulled her clothes down and raped her.

Source: Daughter says she was raped by pastor dad

Despite the pointed and angry emails and comments I receive on this case, I am confident that Joubert is heading for prison. His daughter’s testimony was damming. This man of God is going to prison for a long time,

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Anonymous said...

Earlier news articles quoted a male church member/pastor wherein he stated Joubert spoke so badly of women and was such a Jekyl/Hyde that he 'knew' something bad would happen...just not to a child.

Joubert was convicted of five charges, including first- and second-degree sexual abuse. He was acquitted of second-degree incest as well as first- and second-degree rape...wonders never cease.

The jury at Joubert's trial was not allowed to see Joubert's taped confession.