Thursday, December 22, 2011

More on pastor Arnold Mathis

Associate pastor Arnold Maurice Mathis, profiled here, should never have been allowed to work as a pastor. Since there are no standards for this profession, anyone can lead a church. One must only profess faith. Every crime or defect is forgiven or overlooked. Arnold Mathis is a registered sex offender. Yet, he was somehow allowed to lead a church. He allegedly used his position to gain the trust of a young girl, and then rape her. He’s a real model of Christian morality.

According to the PCSO, Mathis first met the victim at a local basketball game and offered to "help" the victim financially. Sheriff Judd says, "He approached this young man at a concession stand at a basketball game."

He also offered to buy the victim new shoes. The victim, who had no father figure in his life at the time, believed Mathis was trying to mentor him.

Source: Associate pastor arrested on child sexual battery charges

Mathis allegedly bought the troubled youth with shoes and kindness. Are pastor’s taught this technique in school? It seems pretty damn common.

Mathis is the assistant pastor of. I’m betting they did not do a background check.