Thursday, December 22, 2011

More time for pastor Robert Meredith

Pastor Robert Meredith, was already convicted of molesting a child under the age of 12, and sentenced to eight years in prison. Now he has been sentenced to an additional four years in prison on three additional charges.

Robert Meredith, 50,  pleaded guilty to one-count of first-degree sexual abuse during arraignment on new charges in Calloway Circuit Court. Accepting a plea offer from Commonwealth’s Attorney Mark Blankenship, sexual abuse charges two and three were combined with the first and Meredith pleaded guilty to one-count, first-degree sexual abuse; a Class D felony.

Under terms of the agreement, Meredith was sentenced to another four years in prison; bringing the total to 12 years. He was previously sentenced to eight years. However he will serve the terms consecutively; meaning he will serve his eight year sentence before he begins the additional four years.

Source: Meredith arraigned on new charges

The crimes occurred in Kentucky, so the victim could be his wife…

Meredith was the pastor at Green Plain Church Of Christ.