Saturday, September 04, 2010

Youth pastor Derwin Pasley convicted

A bad man admitted his crimes in return for a 12.5 year sentence. Pastor Derwin Pasley pleaded guilty to molesting three boys. Yeah for justice! Pasley liked to molest boys on his football team. He was a predator.
The boy told police Pasley had driven his younger brother and him home from a game, and when they arrived at the home, Pasley told the younger boy to go inside. The 14-year-old said that Pasley then forcibly molested him. The boy “stated he refused several times as he was extremely upset, stating that he was screaming and yelling to be let out of the vehicle.” He said that during the incident, he heard the car doors lock.
After the boy’s allegations came to light, a 13-year-old boy on the team Pasley coached came forward with details of being molested by Pasley, Peters said.
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I posted on Derwin Pasley in October of 2009. See The Derwin Pasley Story for more on this pedopastor.