Friday, September 03, 2010

Photo essay on The Family Prostitute

Scanlon The photos in this essay are by Kevin Scanlon, a photographer who I’ve been following for a few months. I like his style. He did a photo essay supporting Michael Albo’s article in the LA Weekly titled The Family Prostitute. I came for the article, I stayed for the photos.

Nikki is one step away from becoming a prostitute in one of Nevada's legal brothels.

She's the sole supporter of two small children and her mother, and the work is important to Nikki. "In the Inland Empire," she laments, "there are no jobs at all. I couldn't even get a job at McDonald's right now."

The article is a fascinating read and a good look behind the scenes at what drives women to legal prostitution. But I’m in it for the photos. I admire Scanlon’s visual story telling technique.

The photos are all safe for work. The story may influence your thinking. It is worth a read.

The video is looking into Scanlon’s work on the LA Weekly People Issue. It’s good.

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