Saturday, September 04, 2010

Rev. Mark Gruber sues for defamation

I am frequently reminded about pastors who are falsely accused of sexual crimes. I know it happens, but to be honest, it does not happen very often. I try to be fair. When I learn of a false accusation, I report it. I also offer a chance for any pastor falsely accused to write a guest post on the subject of his (or her) choosing. So far there are no takers.

Rev. Mark Gruber was falsely accused of viewing homosexual pornography,I am not sure if he was arrested.
Even so, Father Gruber said in his complaint, school officials have never retracted their statements. He claims they gave him no due process. Instead, he said, they led the Diocese of Greensburg to revoke his right to function as a priest even after the state police cleared him of child pornography suspicions and reported that other people had access to his computer.
The school found him guilty of immoral conduct unbecoming a priest and forwarded his case to the Vatican. In addition, Saint Vincent administrators ordered him to submit to an involuntary admission to St. Luke Institute, a facility in Silver Spring, Md., "infamous for treating pedophile priests."
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I did not post on Rev. Mark Gruber, but my offer still stands. If he wants a guest post, he can have a guest post.

Fr. Mark Gruber has a website.