Saturday, June 27, 2015

Canadian Senator Don Meredith belongs here

I track cases of religious hypocrisy. It’s a bit of a hobby and a calling. In my post yesterday, I added nine new cases to a long list of misery, but I missed a tenth. A helpful reader left a tip.

Pentecostal Pastor and Canadian Senator Don Meredith allegedly had a illicit two year relationship with a 16-year-old girl.
The conduct described in this news report is in and of itself incompatible with the position of senator,” Mr. Housakos wrote. “It also suggests that Senator Meredith may have improperly used his position of trust and authority as a senator.”

The latest allegations of impropriety against Mr. Meredith came this week in a Toronto Star article that outlined the senator’s two-year relationship with an unnamed girl – replete with sexually suggestive text messages. The news story said he met the girl at a religious function in Ottawa when she was 16 and courted her with dinner invitations and attempts to lure her to his hotel room.
- via The Globe and Mail
Why is this hypocrisy? He used his position as an influential pastor and senator to pursue an underage woman for sex. If he is comfortable enough doing this, what else is he capable of?

“Pastor” Don Meredith also fails the credibility test. He’s a man who claims false titles which he uses to secure positions and appointments. False titles are credentials, like unearned degrees, added to make one sound more accomplished. Meredith has an honorary degree from an unaccredited institution that he used to call himself a doctor. His undergrad and graduate “degrees” are from a unaccredited degree mill. The man is a fraud. The only question left is how far will he fall?