Saturday, June 27, 2015

Chronicles of Hypocrisy #2

The list grows today with six more hypocrites.

Pastor Jerry Allums stands accused of multiple counts of lewd acts with a minor and two counts of violating a child younger than 14. His alleged victims range in age from 8 to 15 years old. Albums was the pastor at Green Pastures Independent Faith Church in Richmond, California.

Pastor James Callozzo stands accused of sexual imposition. He allegedly approached a boy in a bathroom and asked him about his genitals and then… well, it’s not pretty. Callozzo is the pastor at Nativity of Christ orthodox Church in Youngstown, Ohio.

Baptist youth pastor Ryan Scott Rodgers surrendered to police on charges of having sex with two teen males. The abuse allegedly took place for over a year with grooming activity extending back even farther. Rodgers had been on the run before turning himself in. Rodgers was a youth pastor at several baptist churches in Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Baptist youth pastor Jonathan Bailey was arrested on a 13-count indictment alleging a patter of predatory conduct with underage children.This case hit the press in March. I found the it while reading about the Rodgers case noted above. There is no known connection between the two men even though they operated in the same area. Bailey was the youth pastor at First Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana. The church fired him after the abuse surfaced, but they hired him despite similar allegations at another church. Perhaps they did not know about it, or perhaps the structure of the Southern Baptist Convention that does not allow for proper tracking and reporting of pedophile pastors.

Pastor Clifton Wells pleaded no contest to charges that he inappropriately touched a teenage girl while taking her to a job application. Wells is a pastor at The Church of Jesus Christ in Omaha, Nebraska.

Baptist pastor Curtis Southward stands accused of sexually abusing a mentally disabled woman. The story is horrible. If true, Southward is an ass and deserves special attention from an axe handle. Southward is the pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in La Porte, Indiana.

Pastor Daniel Allen Jack while awaiting trial on charges that he forcibly raped a young girl, tied to justify his actions by saying that the victim is lying because she consented to sex on six other occasions (after the rape of course). Allen was the youth pastor at Amplify Church in Plum, Pennsylvania,