Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Youth pastor Jeff Eddie arrested

Baptist youth pastor Jeff Eddie was arrested on multiple counts of child molestation. Eddie works at the Highland Park Baptist Church in Muscle Shoals, Ala., as the children's minister.
Eddie was picked up by Muscle Shoals Police Sunday and held for questioning until Tuesday when the charges were announced.
Eddie is being held in the Colbert County Jail on a $1,030,000 bond.
As of Monday Eddie was listed as a children’s minister on the Highland Park Baptist Church website. His picture and information have since been removed from the site.
Source: Muscle Shoals Children’s Minister Arrested On Sex Abuse Charges
It is interesting to note that when I visited the church website to verify that youth pastor Jeff Eddie’s information was removed from the site, I was struck by how much image control goes on at the church. They do not even use a photo of the church as the background for the website, instead they choose to control their image by using a rendering. How odd is that?
(Note: a local reached and said the current building is red brick and that the rendering is the new church, which is not yet built. I apparently jumped to the wrong conclusion. Sorry. )
I was also trying to determine if Highland Park Baptist Church was an IFB church. Based on this website, I believe it is not.

*** Update 2/16/2014

Youth pastor Jeff Eddie had too many victims to count.
The church released a statement.

*** Update 2/23/2014

Case against Jeff Eddie referred to the grand jury