Monday, February 03, 2014

The week in small crimes

This post is a collection of stories about religious leaders, pastor, deacons and Sunday school teachers, who were arrested, convicted or otherwise made the news for various acts of hypocrisy. Some crimes are huge and typically originate in Africa. Other crimes are petty and mean and can originate anywhere. I typically post these on Monday for the previous week’s stories, but yesterday was too busy so I’m posting it for today. Enjoy!

Crimes and misdeeds

Pastor Andrew Hamblin is in trouble again. The LaFollette snake-handling pastor was arrested on traffic charges.

The ruling of new trail for pastor Patrick Edouard for his overturned conviction on sexual exploitation is under review. Read about the case here.

Pastor Robert Martin Gumbura convicted on four rape counts, his to be sentenced on Monday. (Africa)

Reverend Vusi Muculuve demoted following fondling incident (Africa)

Pastor Felipe J. Rios arrested for fraud. He allegedly stole 9,827.25 from his church.

Reverend Cambell Brown is being investigated on allegation of child molestation stemming from alleged crimes that happened at The North Coast Children’s home. (Australia) 

Other religious oddness

Pastor Steven Andrew is a nutball and says President Obama follows Satan.