Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The week in small crimes

This post is a collection of stories about religious leaders, pastor, deacons and Sunday school teachers, who were arrested, convicted or otherwise made the news for various acts of hypocrisy. Some crimes are huge and typically originate in Africa. Other crimes are petty and mean and can originate anywhere. I typically post these on Monday for the previous week’s stories, but yesterday was too busy so I’m posting it for today. Enjoy!

Crimes and misdeeds

A trial date was set for pastor Scott Gilliam, who stands charged with conspiracy to distribute oxycodone and possession of oxycodone with intention to distribute.

Married pastor Craig Lamar Davis arrested for allegedly spreading HIV to his Congregation... with his penis. (Africa)

Pastor Emmanuel Mathew stands trial for the rape of three minors (Africa)

Pastor Barry Minkow of ZZZZ Best fame, was convicted cheating his church out of $3 million. Barry was pastor at the San Diego Community Bible Church.

47-year-old pastor Osogbo Magistrates remanded for allegedly stabbing colleague to death. (Africa)

Evangelical pastor Bernadine Prince found guilty of importing meth and heroin to Darwin. (Australia)

Other religious oddness

Wait... Justin Bieber is a Christian? Well hell...