Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rev. Edward Lettic accused on misconduct

Rev. Edward Lettic was placed on leave because of a credible allegation of misconduct. Lettic was the priest at Immaculate Conception Church in Lancaster.
Because of the serious nature of the allegation, and consistent with the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, I must relieve Father Lettic of his duties as pastor of the parish and remove his faculties as a priest," he said. 
Diocese spokesman Raymond Delisle said the investigation of the allegation will follow a canonical process that will be reviewed in Rome at the Vatican. A report of the allegation will be made to the Congregation for Doctrine of the Faith in Rome. He said part of the process will be that Rev. Lettic will be given legal representation as the case is reviewed. 
Should Rev. Lettic be found guilty of the allegation, the result would be his removal from the clergy or being ordered to serve a life of prayer and penance.
Source: Lancaster priest placed on leave after sexual allegation
I love catching Catholics doing the right thing. It gives me hope.