Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pastor Michael Abromovich arrested

Pastor Michael Abromovich was arrested for kidnapping, robbery and impersonating the police. He is the pastor at Set Free Ministries in Colorado Springs. This case is crazy, but what do you expect from a man you chose to make himself look the very thing he was counseling against? At least Pastor Robert Murphy had a clear head about things.
Friends of Colorado Springs Pastor Michael Abromovich say his life of preaching Christian values began unraveling last fall after he told them he had been diagnosed with cancer and was dealing with a new baby in his family. 
Their fears and concerns for Abromovich came to fruition when the man who mentored many others in Christian values at the Set Free Ministry ended up in a jail cell, charged with posing as a U.S. marshal to intimidate and rob gay men who thought they were meeting Abromovich for casual sex. 
“He showed us that we couldn’t trust him anymore by the way he was acting, the things he was doing,” said Pastor Robert Murphy, who preached alongside Abromovich at the Colorado Springs ministry. 
Source:Springs Pastor Arrested for Kidnapping, Robbery & Impersonating Police
Read the whole story. Abromovich fell off the deep end. He may have hit his head on the way down too and smoked crack and bath salts. This story is just nuts.