Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Least we forget

It is easy to lump all clergy into one bucket, but that is wrong. I know good priests and pastors who I am proud of. I never get a chance to tell their stories. Here is one.

Suspected rapist 61, turns himself in after talking to his pastor
The search for a 61-year-old male suspect accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a teenage relative is over. 
That's because William Marton, of 9512 Ohio 60, Birmingham turned himself into the Erie County Sheriff's Office on Monday afternoon. He will be arraigned today in Vermilion Municipal Court. 
"He had made some admissions," Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said. "He left the state. He came back (Sunday) and after he talked to his pastor, he decided to come to the station."
Priests and pastors do stuff like this all the time. It rarely makes the press.