Saturday, January 25, 2014

I smell corruption at Lancaster Baptist Church

Once pastor Jeremy Whitman pulled the trigger and murdered Erik Ungerman, it set in motion a process that will shine a light into the darkest corners of Lancaster Baptists Church. I do not know if much will come of this, but I have hope. The IFB movement is corrupt. It's leaders are hypocrites. For proof, I offer the list of IFB pastors who I think qualify as horrible human beings and hypocrites. We will call this section, guilt by association.

My personal favorite is IFB Pastor Chris Settlemoir (posts) - May he rot in prison and his former church be bulldozed and made into a park.

The list: (not exahustive)

  • Pastor Chris Settlemoir - Antioch Baptist Church (posts)
  • Pastor Jack Schaap, First Baptist Church of Hammond (posts)
  • Pastor Bob Gray, Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville (link)
  • Pastor David Love, New Hope Baptist Church in Independence. (link)
  • Pastor David Hyles, Miller Road Baptist (link)
  • Pastor Jack Hyles, First Baptist Church of Hammon (link)
  • Pastor Harley Michael Keough, King James Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor Bill Cabe, Riverside Baptist Church in Rock Hill (link)
  • Pastor Nick Minerva, Faithful Word Baptist Church in Chandler, First Baptist Church in Bagdad, Az. (link)
  • Pastor Joe Combs First Baptist Church of Hammond, Hyles-Anderson College (link)
  • Pastor Don Corley, Bible Baptist Shepherd Church in Farmington (link)
  • Pastor Danny “Warren” Johnson, Gospel Light Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor Jesse Daniel Ruhl, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor David Joseph Jorgensen, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor Tim Ruhl, Pleasant Valley Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor Carlton Hammon, Willows Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor John Price, Freedom Baptist Church (link)
  • Pastor Carl Lloyd III, Son Rise Baptist Church (posts)

And there are the Chappells:

Pastor Larry Chappell Sr, father of Pastor Paul Chappell,1st Baptist Church in Long Beach (link) & Freeway Baptist Church, Az, (link). 

Pastor Mark Chappell, brother of Pastor Paul Chappell, scandals at heritage Baptist Church is Wallingford & 1st Baptist Church in Long Beach (link),  

Pastor Paul Chappell was a firm support of Jack Schaap and his corrupt First Baptist Church of Hammond. 

Abuse allegations:

These allegations are just that undocumented allegations that appear in a comment thread. Are they real? Only reporting the allegation to the proper legal authorities will lead to a good resolution.

Posted by Innocence on January 22, 2014 at 12:05 am

I Thank God I don’t live in the state of California, or live in Lancaster, California, or attend Lancaster Baptist Church any more, If I did I might be incarcerated for life, I worked in the LBC, and help to build it from the very starting point. I know Jeremy and his family and every staff member at LBC. I moved out of Lancaster, California for about 13 years, all my children grew up in that church, and most of my children are great people now and productive citizens, about one year ago my youngest girl told us about a molestation that was happen to her as a child at the school, she said this went on for the entire time she attended, keep in mind, she is now in her twenties,

Read more in the Comment Thread on Updated: Victim, Suspect Id’d in fatal car-to- car shooting.

A second post on January 21, 2014 at 11:40 pm

My family attended this church for a very long time. I was molested along with other children at that church . To whoever these people that our commenting about how great Lancaster is they can all go [removed] themselves. The trauma that was caused it affected my life more ways than anyone can ever imagine Many people that I’ve gone to the church and the school with did not turn out to be the “Godly” people that they attempted to influence.

Read more in the Comment Thread on Updated: Victim, Suspect Id’d in fatal car-to- car shooting.

There is a smoking gun here. There is a link between institutional corruption, immoral pastors, pastoral enrichment, sex abase, and the IFB movement. If you can’t see the thread of truth, I fear you are blind. 

I am working on another post which will document the cult-like behavior of Lancaster Baptist Church and their unending push to build a cult empire in the desert north of Los Angeles. 




Anonymous said...

What was said in the comment section of that article is 100 percent truth.I pray and hope one day the person responsible for the abuse and trauma they have caused on innocent children in LANCASTER BAPTIST SCHOOL\CHURCH ....will be found out after all these years and punished.

Jerry Kaifetz said...

Paul wrote the Corinthian epistles based entirely on "things reported commonly among you." Today the IFB calls that gossip.

Andrew Cox said...

This man listed about "heretical" preachers. For one, he should have posted reasons he has "Blacklisted" these pastors. For another, who are you comparing these preachers to? We are not to compare ourselves to one another. We are to compare ourselves to God, and we all fall so short, there is not much of a difference between the best christian, and yes the man who wrote this blog. thirdly, I have the privilege of knowing Pastor Tim Ruhl, he is a Godly man, who is humble, and there is no reason to slander his name like this. Fourthly, this blogger is not only slandering his name, but destroying his own in front of people who know these men, and people who know the bible.

No one is perfect, not even pastors. Getting online, making a list of pastors you have a personal vendetta with, or just want some recognition, and slandering their names does not advance your christian life, or anyone reading this, or the pastors mentioned. You my friend, should be put at the top of the list, with at least three blank spaces between you, and number 2.

Anonymous said...

You're kidding, right?

Anonymous said...

I have also personally dealt with and experienced the cult like atmospheric hypocrisy that these IFB churches demonstrate on a weekly basis! Pleasant valley Baptist church in Chico California, the sister church of lancaster Baptist church continues to exercise corruption and establishment. They continue to make excuses for those who cheat on there wives and molest little children as long as they are apart of the establishment! There attitude is as long as you are a pastor's son or grew up in a Baptist church then you get a free pass in life! But are first tp cast stone's on any that are not apart of thee establishment! Just a bunch of sorry ignorant fools and Hypocrites!

Anonymous said...

No one is perfect, not even pastors??? Cox states in his previous comment that pastor tim ruhl is a righteous man? First off we are not to judge righteous or un righteous. I'm not here to caste judgment on any pastor either. However I will make a statement based on personal observations. Pastor Ruhl h
And his Baptist friends have a serious accountability problem when it comes to immoral sexual integrity at that church and lancaster Baptist were his son now pastors at. I love God and I am a faithful follower of Christ. However I will not justify a repeated history of child molestation s and marital affairs because I think the pastor is a "nice guy" One must have some kind of integrity and be accountable! Not hide the facts and slander the victims who were innocent children. PVBC goo ol boy system is falling apart. Maybe, just maybe it's because it's not so good?!

Anonymous said...

Lying is a sin, false testimony is a sin, ENVY is a sin, judging is a sin, why don't all people creating gossip on this SATANIC gossip place and where you are showing your very low and dark poor feelings and a very poor spiritual life, don't start praying for yourselves and then for the people you are talking about. Why if your are very correct, and clean in front of God and are good Christians or citizens worry about others, why you don't confront this people and solve the true cases; if there is some real ones; the way this has to be and stop this satanic gossip about and ask for forgiveness.
I will be praying for you that some day all doing this will be saved and also always praying for our Baptist fundamental pastors to be protected from satanic attacks like this every day. All of us are sinners, but we that love God and are His kids have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness; TRY IT; please and don't condemn yourselves for the eternity.
Lorena F

Anonymous said...

Did you not read the first sentence of the article posted??? It states ERIK UNGERMAN WAS MURDERED! What does that have to do with satanic worship? Your whole irrational statement about asking for forgiveness and judging others hasn't got anything to do with holding our brothers and sisters accountable for what's broken within the Baptist Church. Your rambling makes no sense at all Loretta!

Anonymous said...

Loretta F. Makes the assumption that "why don't you confront these people and solve the true cases". Loretta how do you know these people weren't confronted? 2nd I'm not a detective, I don't solve cases retard! I will ask a man, pastor or not face to face for the truth! It is the cowardice response that I don't respect. It is also the the the cowardice sheeple that backs a repeated offender rather than a you innocent victim. I pray for you Loretta that one day you'll be less judgmental and honor God's word and not a pastors!

Anonymous said...

These pathetic perverted hypocritical jack shcaap wanna bee's all have a serious problem with sexual morals! These Fundamentalist pastures all talk so tough behind there pulpits but in reality they are just a bunch of sick disgusting cowards who think that they are so much better and higher than everyone else... I find it real disturbing how every time they cheat on there wives or molest a child there #1 pathetic excuse is that: "It can happen to anyone".... They think that they can cover there sins up with a suit and tie and talk real tough behind a pulpit! The truth is that none of them ever had a real job or even sweated for a living. They sit on there butts all day in front of their computers looking at enternet porn writing up lesson plans on how to control your family and kids! Fundamentalism does not work! It is a CULT! And it would not surprise me if everyone of these hypocritical, judgemental, lying, perverted, jack hyles/jack shcaap wanna bee's burn in hell!