Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Redditor's comment on the pastor Bollinger case

I found this on Reddit's r/Christianity in the comments to a story about the conviction of pastor Larry Michael Bollinger.

Wish they wouldn't have reported about the charity. Why connect them with him? Would have been enough to just say that he went there on mission trips - jsphillips86

I see comments like this a lot. Christians separate the criminal pastor from the church or its activities so as to protect the ‘good works’ of the church. My initial reaction is often pfft, but then I reconsider. The real problem is that the church has an obligation to prevent this type of abuse. My frustration when reporting these cases is that churches do not learn from past mistakes. What program will the Lazarus Project put in place to prevent abuse from other Christians? My guess is none. Instead, they will soldier on with a victim’s mentality while holding that real christians do not abuse children. The Lazarus Program was negligent, now they must deal with it. 

The Lazarus Project will not even publicly acknowledge the problem beyond acknowledging that he work for them and was dismissed. Go ahead… try to find something on the website