Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Thoughts on Las Vegas

I visited Las Vegas last weekend. While there, I had a few thoughts. I write this blog so that I can remember things years from now. It's a journal of sorts; a journal… and a bunch of other rambling things. 

Las Vegas is considerably less kid friendly these days. Years ago I remember most of the hotels catering to kids with arcades and such, now these same venues seem entirely focused on adults. I stayed at the tower in the Luxor Hotel, all of the kid-friendly stuff was gone, and so were the kids. I miss it. I don't know why though, my kids are grown up and would likely want to gamble instead of playing video games.

I don't like to gamble as much now as I used to when I was younger. I used to play poker. I enjoyed finding a low-stakes game and playing for few hours. A $2-$4 Texas Holdem game was a lot of fun, but they are gone now. Every poker room I visited had a few $1-$2 no limit games going, and virtually nothing else. I'll play a no limit game, but they get serious fast, too fast for me. I'm not a big gambler. I never was.  I guess its time to sit by the pool and read a book.

My trip coincided with the lesbian party fest known as the Dinah Shore weekend. I saw hundreds of young lesbian couples walking the strip. I must admit, I was shocked at the level of tattoos sported by these young ladies (a few older ladies too). When did tattoos become ubiquitous? it seems like everyone except me had at least one, and most people were proud to show them off. I think I'm getting old. Kids these days. 

I don't like the new slot machines. Those new-fangled slot machines give me a friggen headache. I actually miss the old spinning wheel type, which are all but extinct in the casinos I visited. I've never been much of a slot player, so I did not notice the transition to these new story-based contraptions. I dropped $20 in one machine and played for hours. I could not win, but I could not lose either. Game after game yielded a small win or a small loss. I never knew when I won a game either. With the 30 possible win lines and endless combinations competing for my attention, it was all I could do to press the damn button. So, I simply pushed the button and mutter a prayer to the gambling gods to end my misery. I eventually lost my money, but I had to work at doing it. 

A final thought. I'm on the Paleo diet. It's wonderful. I've lost a bunch of weight and feel great. Las Vegas is the place to go if you want to eat on plan. The place is worth the cost of a visit just for the high-end buffets. Don't go cheap. Eat well. You will not be disappointed. I recommend the Bayside Buffet at the Mandalay Bay and The Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan.