Friday, May 03, 2013

A reporter's notebook

I am constantly reminded of what I do not know. While listening to David Sedaris' new book, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, Sedaris referenced the use of a reporter's notebook as part of his daily writing process. He carries one and jots down useful facts, quotes, and observations for use in his journal, which he writes each morning. This explains how he remembers things from 20 years ago and why I don't remember things from last week.

I did not know what a reporter's notebook was. Or, I should say, I had heard the term, but had built my own interpretation. I often do that. I heard the term used again today while listening to local news and realized that a reporter's notebook might actually be a special type of notebook, so I asked one of my employees while at work this morning. He used to be a sports reporter before I ruined him with a real career. He explained that a reporter's notebook is a special type of notebook that is bound at the top and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. He also added that reporters have a special shorthand to go along with the special notebook. He gave me this explanation with only the smallest bit of condescension, for which I was grateful. 

I Googled it. I guess it's like a steno pad but smaller. How did I get through 52 years of life without knowing this?