Wednesday, May 01, 2013

All aspiring photographers need a photography project

I no longer consider myself an aspiring photographer. I happily refer to myself as a hobbyist, but that does not stop me from seeking to improve my skills. I believe to get better, one must always be working on a project.

I found BODYIMAGE(S) (NSFW) via some strange chain of events. I can't remember exactly how now. The photos at the site represent a professional grade photography project that I found captivating. I don't know much about it besides Jes of JSPhotography in Tucson takes amazing photos of woman in natural light while on a bed. I've tagged the site as NSFW, but I don't consider the photos porn, or even objectionable. They are artfully posed examples of different women, naughty bits are largely implied. I would tell you more about the project, but the "about section" of the BODYIMAGE(S) site is not available. 

I passed BOD/yIMAGE(S) along because of my believe that to improve as photographers we must have a project. Be it food photography, which I don't really like, or capturing a daily photo of your cat. Practice makes perfect. I believe it.

I'm currently between projects and looking for inspiration. Ideas are always welcome. 

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