Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tea Tree Chewing Sticks and Keto breath


I am a Paleo convert. As such, my breath smells like road kill mixed with rotten apples. I need help, so I ordered Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Chewing Sticks, which are supposed to help with keto breath. Chewing sticks are “Renewable Birchwood with Tea Tree Oil”. Be warned, they are actually high quality flavored toothpicks.

I tested using one chewing stick, my horrible breath and my poor son’s nose. After an hour with a toothpick hanging from my lips, my son tells me that I do not have bad breath. I call that a win.

The flavor is strong, pleasant and lasts a long time. I’ve been at it an hour and still feel the buzz of Tea Tree Oil. For anyone growing up in the 70s, think Harmon's - Hot Cinnamon Fire, but with flavor that lasts a long time. I miss Harmon’s toothpicks. I used to live on the things during summer as a kid.


This post is also posted at my new Paleo blog, Joe Eats Paleo. I’m trying to use the Paleo diet to get healthy and lose a bunch of weight in the process. Join me if you are interested.

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