Saturday, December 08, 2012

A new personal best

While playing disc golf today, I threw past the tree that sits on the point on hole 18 to land 15 feet from the pin. An Instagram photo of my accomplishment is shown below.


Photo by mojoey • Instagram

Week in and week out over the last 10 years I have tried to make this throw. I have never even come close. This throw is my best ever on this hole. when I disc landed I was jumping around like I had made a hole an one. I made the putt for a birdie. It’s not my first birdie on this hole. I’ve putted from much longer distances for birdie many times pver the years. For me, 15 feet is a drop in. I make 95% of these putts. It felt good to slam it home.

This personal best came at the end of a long game where I had thrown farther than normal on almost all of my tee shots. I’ve changed a few of my throwing mechanics, practiced and bought some new discs. I’m getter better instead of declining as I age. It is a very encouraging feeling.

I wish I could say that this morning’s game was good though. I putted poorly and missed shots that I can normally hit. I counted up my birdie attempts, I was two of six on birdie and played a +1 for a a score of 55. It’s a good score for me, but I should have played a 52 or 53. There is always tomorrow.

Disc golf is amazing fun. Playing the game pushes me to do better. I like that. I think it help me feel young too. There is nothing quite like being out on the course at sunrise on a cold crisp day.