Tuesday, December 04, 2012

A tormented mother’s words

The mother of a pedophile posted a comment to a 2007 post called Death for pedophiles. It is a heartfelt appeal for sanity and understanding. I thought it deserved some from page love.

To the mother of the pedophile. I am also the mother of a pedophile. My journey is just beginning as my son has not went to trial yet. But the evidence is overwhelming. I have spent the last few months in a chronic state of depression over this. He will probably spend the majority of the rest of his life in prison. And as much as it breaks my heart to say so it is where he belongs. He needs to stay locked up so he cannot hurt anyone else.

He is 38 years old and I have known since he was a child that he was different than other children.I just didn't know what it was.He has always been a tortured soul.

People want to blame the mothers of these children, and the families of these children that turn into pedophiles. Don't you people know that we would give anything, even our lives if we could somehow fix our children. I know I would. But pedophilia is a disease. A mental illness. I could not have stopped it anymore than I could stop a child from having Autism or schitzophrenia (sic).

I hate what my son did, he molested his own nephew, among others. My own grandson. Don't you think I would have stopped him if I could.

I raised my 4 sons by myself, sometimes working three jobs to make ends meet. But there was no help out there for me or for him. MHMR refused to help me, every agency I contacted I somehow didn't meet the criteria for help!

His father was non existent, as was the child support. There were times I could barely put food on the table, but my boys knew I loved them above everything else. If this is my fault what about my other three sons. Why aren't they pedophiles too!

They are not, they are all successful well adjusted young men with careers and beautiful families.

When I found out what my son was accused of I helped put him behind bars even though it broke my heart. He is my son and he is sick with a disease that there is no cure for. I have to face that fact. But I still love him, and I will still be there for him.

I understand the hatred against what he has done. But he is still a human being. Does he deserve to die for what he has done? I cannot be the judge of that. Only God can.

But all you hate mongers out there, maybe you should take a good long look at yourselves. To the man who would firebomb the church congregation, you would be hurting innocents just like my son did. So what kind of monster does that make you.

To the person that would ostracize the phedophile's (sic) family and throw tomatoes at their houses, you are just an idiot! No one asks for one of their family members to be a pedophile, or a serial killer, a burglar, or a rapist. The families are already living in their own kind of hell. They did nothing to make that pereson (sic) a pedophile. What kind of monster do you see when you look in the mirror. Maybe you should look a little harder. Try looking between all that self righteous, uniformed bullshit that you are spouting.

Do you all think that hurting innocencent (sic) decent people for something they have no control over will solve this problem. If you do then you are as much of a monster as a pedophile. More so because phedophilia (sic) is a documented disease. A horrible disease that most pedophiles have no control over.

But you have control and your willfullness (sic) to harm innocents, to prove whatever it is you are trying to prove, makes you the worst kind of monster of all. I will pray for you, that you may never fall victim to someone like yourselves.

And for the victims and all the families, both of the victims and the perpertrators (sic), I will pray that you find peace.

May God Bless you all!

We all face our own demons. Some are imaginary. Some are very real.

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