Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death for pedophiles

There is no doubt that pedophiles are the lowest of the low. I cringe when I write about them here at Deep Thoughts. I'm all for punishment, hard time, registration, and lifestyle restrictions. I draw the line at putting pedophiles to death.

The idea of executing child rapists, even when there in no loss of life, is making headway in the United States.

The Louisiana Supreme Court last week upheld the death sentence for a pedophile, and the governor of Texas is soon to sign into law legislation to that effect.

In 1995, Louisiana was the first state to adopt legislation authorizing the death penalty for child rapists.

Ten years later, the movement to make pedophilia punishable by death really picked up steam after nine-year-old Jessica Lunsford was raped and buried alive in Florida by a man with a prior conviction for sex crimes.


 It is no surprise that this is a popular idea with some. Heck, I even find it appealing in some ways. However, the State is notoriously bad at putting people to death. Innocent people die, while the guilty escape punishment. Giving the state a wider range of death sentence options does not seem wise. In fact, it seems foolish.

Is there any justification for this? Are there any other options?

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beepbeepitsme said...

Can't say I am a fan of the death penalty. The last person executed here was in 1967.

Intergalactic Hussy said...

I just wish someone could tell me the benefit of execution. With no promise of an afterlife, perhaps we ought to actually punish them on Earth!

Johnny Crow said...

I don't believe in the death penalty, but then again if it was my son or daughter I would kill the bastard. If his congregation (assuming it was a pastor) I would firebomb them. Maybe that makes me evil but hey if there is a hell them I can at least find him down there again and make him suffer even more.

Anonymous said...

Death is great because as we all know, _I_ am superior to others and therefore have the right to kill anyone I feel is unworthy.


Death excites me. Please talk more about death and egotistical expressions of loathful judgement! Sadomasochism turns me on.

Eek said...

I'm not a death penalty believer either... but I think the underlying issue here is the level of violence and depravity of the crime.

Raping, torturing and almost killing a really young child, lets say an 8 year old... is that not as "bad" as the bank robber who shoots dead a 50 yr old guard and gets the death penalty?

Fortunately we don't have the death penalty here in Australia. Unfortunately we let our criminals out of prison way too early in my opinion. Sentences aren't long enough or harsh enough.

Eek said...

P.S. Hey Johnny Crow... I agree. Mess with my kids and face my death penalty lol. With a bit of torture thrown in first of course. :P

Johnny Crow said...


People often think I am crazy, but I think I could torture someone like that. Because I know that a quick death is something they don't deserve. Maybe I am crazy but at least I know who I would do. Death Penalty? Pssh Why not Torture Penalty? ok ok, I don't believe the state has a right to that either. But maybe they could turn a cheek if a victims family does something a little outside of the law...

D.R.M. said...

I’m not sure if someone with paedophilic desires can really eliminate them by choice. However, someone who engages in paedophilic actions is doing something they have complete control over and is morally repugnant.

In general, I’d recommend self-castration (chemical or surgical) to anyone with strong paedophilic desires, and I’d recommend life sentencing without any chance of parole unless surgical or chemical castration is taken for those who engaged in paedophilic actions.

I do agree with all of you, paedophilia is disgusting and proud paedophiles are a blight of the world.

Taylor said...

Honestly, I'm tired of knee-jerk politics. Death penalties for pedophiles does two things:

1. It wastes money. There is no evidence that this kind of a punishment actually will deter pedophiles from doing crimes. Not only that, but it's damn expensive. Doesn't death penalty cost more, on average, than life in prison?

2. Pedophiles can't get help. By being so demonized and hated by everyone, someone who is a pedophile that wants to seek help can't. They have to just be quiet about it and not tell anyone and hope it goes away on their own. Is this really better than having them feel as if there are support groups and help available? I don't think so.

Punishment isn't the answer. They've done their crimes and they are bad people for it, but there is no point in hurting them because we hate what they've done. I'd rather cut our losses and do as much as we can to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future, because that is what is really important.

Anonymous said...

Check out what Taylor wrote ..., (being the mom of a pediphile,)At least it did not make me want to die. some of the comments made make me want to die. Hate,,Hate, Hate. Many of you get off on hate...what makes you any better least my loved one has an illness he would do anything to be rid of...

Do any of you really unerstand the condition?...or you just enjoy hating and acting like you know something, You act like a pediphile chooses this horrible noose of an obsession to hang around their neck. My loved one can go back in his memory and with much counseling remember "out of the norm" sexual actions, and stimulationsby the time he was 4 years old. Perhaps he was abused, perhaps it's a mental illness. I will never know and you will not either...but boy you think you can be judge and jury. He is now an adult and there is noone and nothing as far a help for him. What am I to do? Your comments make me vomit and give me a stress migraine. Thanks! I have someone I love that has survived this other person's advances. He is going on with life and mending very well. Someone told me in an effort to comfort me that it could always be worse...I could be the pedophile or all my children could be pediphiles. YOu need to Thank God it was not you...those of you who spew such hate...I don;t know why anyone becomes a pedophile...could be you next???? I truely believe the easiest part of this (as painful as it was) to be the mom of his most abused victim...he is developing a life...choosiing to heal. The abuser can get no help...all he gets is hate and social castration...oh by the way he would love to be castrated,,,,he wants his problem gone, in fact he submited to chemical castration...pressed his doctors for it....guess what abuse does not just happen with the male genitals....abuse can still occur. Frustration and violence begins. He began cutting his wrists...might not have been long before he was cutting me??? Most of you have NO clue. Thanks ...but no thanks for your loving answers and comments for this mom who is frantically looking for help to heal her son and protect your world.pcqguev

Anonymous said...

Ever download somthing random on a p2p network and watch the results? what happens when pedephiles get cameras? Answer you see somthing that either "A" makes you vomit "B" makes you want to kill your self."C" questions your faith "D" Makes want to kill pedophiles and rapests or "E" all of the above.

Anonymous said...

Life-long- slavery for pedophiles (free hard labour for society … perfectly clean streets … manicured lawns… efficient recycling … pharmsutical testing that is tested on non-valid people rather than poor students desperate for money) . As well, huge fines and when justified (an often it is) prison time for parents (custodians) of the pedophiles. The apple does not fall far from the tree. The parents were partly responsible for the pedophiles creation. Pleading ignorance is not an excuse. Once parents and relatives become targets of law suits and prison time they would start (out of self preservation) assist with exposing and punishing pedophiles. It should become fashionable to throw tomatoes at a home of a pedophile, his parents and relatives. They should be mocked … ostracized. At work people should refuse to sit next to them.. turn their backs when they speak. With time they will do what is necessary to get peace … what society should not have to do … a retroactive abortion (execution).

Anonymous said...

OK some people on here who are defensive are guilty in someway by not raising their children safely or morally correct or doing the crime themself.
I was molested when I was 5yrs old for several years. and yes I have thoughts of pedophilia I am ashamed to admit.
Maybe it's because there more perfect the younger they're but that changes accordingly to nurture.
where many parents have failed. So raise your children with love and love for others. But I would rather be shot by a firing squad burned at the stake etc... than let any child be harmed. so kill the pedophiles. Save the innocent. Don't protect the bully cowards. Don't be afraid to die for the greater good.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if I spew enough hate toward pedophiles nobody will notice if I exhibit these same traits.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of a noose around their neck's it would be a Lot cheaper than lethal injection. I do like the life long slave labor, but someone could get free while mowing your lawn and someone's "condition" might kick in. I say get rid of the problem until they stop doing it.

Anonymous said...

To the mother of the pedophile. I am also the mother of a pedophile. My journey is just beginning as my son has not went to trial yet. But the evidence is overwhelming. I have spent the last few months in a chronic state of depression over this. He will probably spend the majority of the rest of his life in prison. And as much as it breaks my heart to say so it is where he belongs. He needs to stay locked up so he cannot hurt anyone else.

He is 38 years old and I have known since he was a child that he was different than other children.I just didn't know what it was.He has always been a tortured soul.

People want to blame the mothers of these children, and the families of these children that turn into pedophiles. Don't you people know that we would give anything, even our lives if we could somehow fix our children. I know I would. But pedophilia is a disease. A mental illness. I could not have stopped it anymore than I could stop a child from having Autism or schitzophrenia.

I hate what my son did, he molested his own nephew, among others. My own grandson. Don't you think I would have stopped him if I could.

I raised my 4 sons by myself, sometimes working three jobs to make ends meet. But there was no help out there for me or for him. MHMR refused to help me, every agency I contacted I somehow didn't meet the criteria for help!

His father was non existent, as was the child support. There were times I could barely put food on the table, but my boys knew I loved them above everything else. If this is my fault what about my other three sons. Why aren't they pedophiles too!

They are not, they are all successful well adjusted young men with careers and beautiful families.

When I found out what my son was accused of I helped put him behind bars even though it broke my heart. He is my son and he is sick with a disease that there is no cure for. I have to face that fact. But I still love him, and I will still be there for him.

I understand the hatred against what he has done. But he is still a human being. Does he deserve to die for what he has done? I cannot be the judge of that. Only God can.

But all you hate mongers out there, maybe you should take a good long look at yourselves. To the man who would firebomb the church congregation, you would be hurting innocents just like my son did. So what kind of monster does that make you.

To the person that would ostracize the phedophile's family and throw tomatoes at their houses, you are just an idiot! No one asks for one of their family members to be a pedophile, or a serial killer, a burglar, or a rapist. The families are already living in their own kind of hell. They did nothing to make that pereson a pedophile. What kind of monster do you see when you look in the mirror. Maybe you should look a little harder. Try looking between all that self righteous, uniformed bullshit that you are spouting.

Do you all think that hurting innocencent decent people for something they have no control over will solve this problem. If you do then you are as much of a monster as a pedophile. More so because phedophilia is a documented disease. A horrible disease that most pedophiles have no control over.

But you have control and your willfullness to harm innocents, to prove whatever it is you are trying to prove, makes you the worst kind of monster of all. I will pray for you, that you may never fall victim to someone like yourselves.

And for the victims and all the families, both of the victims and the perpertrators, I will pray that you find peace.

May God Bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Dont just kill them torture them first because thats what they have done to these innocent children. Most will live a tortured life and a big part of them is dead. Iknow because it happened to my sis,my cousins,my x-wife,and many more around me.
We need a dexter just for those sick fucks. To much more of bs and I might go there. And for the stupid fuck saying thats playing god has alot to learn and if they were not anonymous I would teach them. There is no god or stuff like this would never happen. If there is a god hes a lazy one and like the Insane Clown Posse says he in.need of a slapping if he there. Oh yeah fuck you talor your probly a pedophile.