Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Nutball alert: Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fisher is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association. His title sounds important and implies some deep knowledge on complex issues, but his positions are simple. He is a bigot and the hate that spews from his mouth is focused on our gay community. It’s hard to understand how any person educated at Stanford could issue these hate fill rants, but he manages to do so on a regular basis.

He supports some odd positions, the worst is his support for the AIDS denial movement. A group which supports a view that rejects the existence of HIV and denies that HIV is the cause of AIDS. Supporting this position should be enough to have him blacklisted as a nutball, but no, he enjoys a wide audience through a radio program he hosts called Focal Point and a blog called Rightly Concerned. Fisher is also responsible for a gay witch hunt that resulted in the resignation of Richard Grenell from Mitt Romney's campain. A low point in our 2012 election cycle.

Fisher is an anti-gay activist who believes being gay is a choice. His normal targets are gay couples who adopt children. This quote sums him up. “A rational culture that cares about its people will, in fact, discriminate against adultery, pedophilia, rape, bestiality, and yes, homosexual behavior.” He wants to inject this viewpoint into the Republican Party. Fisher is a dangerous man.

Fischer's most recent statement is a brazen example of misguided Christian moral activism. His August 7th tweets called for establishing an underground railroad to “deliver innocent children from same-sex households.” He is serious about this position too. His rhetoric could cause enormous harm to the gay community. Like most bat shit crazy anti-gay comments, this one is getting a lot of play on the internet. The consensus from the atheists community is clear. He simply must be confronted and if possible stopped.

I don’t know if I’m more upset by a great American hero like Harriet Tubman being linked in some way to Fishers’ evil plans, or that thousands of happily adopted children are at risk because of Fischers antics. Okay… I’ll just put this out there. If Fischer or his cronies start kidnapping kids, I’ll be part of the millions of Americans who rise up to go looking for them. Yes. I am that upset by this. Fischer is a bully. I hate bullies. 

Bryan Fischer has said a few other things that can shed some light on his idiocy.

Fischer is an opportunist hater ready to use any new item to push his anti-gay agenda. Why does anybody listen to him?

Fischer went all in during an interview today. He says, "We must obey God's law, not man's law". He went on to advocate for other to start an underground railroad and kidnap the adopted children of gay parents. He called for others to commit a crime in the name of God. It's stunning.