Sunday, August 12, 2012

HIV positive youth pastor Kris Gowdy arrested

This is one of those stories that should not be. Youth pastor Kris Allan Gowdy was arrested for trying to lure an underage boy into a sexual encounter. He did not realize that he was communicating with a law enforcement officer who was posing as a young boy. It was a mistake that will cost him his freedom and save the lives his future victims. Gowdy is HIV positive. I'm betting his illicit sexual encounter had nothing to do safe sex.

Durham Regional Police claim the 42-year-old Newcastle man, who allegedly used collegetoy2033 as his profile name, befriended the teen online not knowing the boy was actually an undercover Internet Child Exploitation unit officer.

“Investigators met the accused at the prearranged location and after being taken into custody, it was determined (he) is a youth pastor with the (Trulls Road) Free Methodist Church in Courtice, Ontario, and has travelled extensively over the last decade,” Det. Randy Norton said Friday.

Source: Youth pastor luring charge

Gowdy's Church was quick to distance themselves from their pastor as the abuse did not happen at their church. Gowdy preferred to shop online for victims. The fear is that this incident was not his first, but simply where he was caught. His church is wrong though. They own a piece of this. I feel sorry for them in a way. Each member of their youth group needs to be questioned about things no child should have to contemplate. All because their youth pastor appears to be a monster.

Update 8/11/2012: According the a press release from Free Methodist Church in Courtice, Growdy has not been employed at the church since 2009.

Update 8/18/2012: Gowdy released on bail. Cannot go near parks or kids, and cannot use a computer.