Sunday, August 12, 2012

A case of domestic violence in the woods

I tend to post on clergy sexual abuse and bypass the rest of the arrests that clog my inbox. This one caught my eye though. It involves a pastor, his adult daughter, a handgun, and of course, the cops. 

A Beaver County pastor is facing charges that he assaulted his grown daughter during a family fight Thursday morning in Raccoon Creek State Park, state police said.


The Rev. Darrell Cashdollar, 59, was carrying a gun in a wooded area of the park, so rangers called state police to the scene. Police monitored the area with helicopters and set up a perimeter until the incident de-escalated.

Source: Pastor charged with assaulting his grown daughter in Beaver County Park

Pastor Cashdollar… wtf? Cashdollar was charged with simple assault and harassment plus his carry permit was revoked. Cashdollar works at the Paris Church of the Nazarene in Burgettstown, Washington County, Pa. I'm betting he's standing in front of his church right now. Slapping your daughter around is biblical, right?