Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pedophile pastor attempts suicide in court

I guess the pressure of a conviction for abusing a young boy was just to much for former pastor James Harris. He tried to kill himself in the court room. 

A Florida pastor convicted of sex crimes against a 15-year-old boy gobbled a handful of pills after receiving his sentence on Thursday in an apparent courtroom suicide attempt.

West Palm Beach court deputies immediately pounced on Rev. James Harris and wrestled him to the ground while ordering him to spit out the suspected poison pills.

Source: Disgraced Florida pastor’s courtroom suicide try: Pops pills after child sex-abuse conviction

I am happy they saved his life. This rat bastard must live each day of his potentially 80-year-long sentence. It is the least he can do given the abuse he forced on his 15-year-old victim. He must pay for his crimes. 

Using his connections with Glade Central High School's football program, the disgraced minister lured the boy with phony promises of introductions to professional football scouts and trainers, prosecutor said.

Harris forced the boy to perform sex acts on him twice and, on a separate occasion, filmed the boy masturbating while a porn film played in the background, according to the Sun Sentinel.

James Harris belongs in prison. Let's hope he never sees freedom again.