Saturday, June 02, 2012

Baptist pastor Richard Land reprimanded

Prominent Baptist pastor, radio show host, and president of the Southern Baptists Conventions ethics committee was reprimanded for racial comments he made on his radio show while discussing the Trayvon Martin shooting. His radio show was also cancelled. Pastor Richard Land represent the old guard – his time in the sun is past.

During a March 31 broadcast of “Richard Land Live!” Land had accused Obama, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton of attempting to capitalize on the fatal shooting of the Florida teenager. He also appeared to justify racial profiling.

Source: Southern Baptist leader reprimanded, show canceled

Is Richard Land a pastor on the fringe of Baptist culture, or is he the face of Baptist culture? I want to believe that the largest protestant denomination in America is moving toward racial harmony instead engendering hatred. I’m pleased to see that Land was reprimanded. I’m happy to see that the Southern Baptist Convention is doing something about it’s dirty laundry. Will a purge of other racists follow? One can only hope.

Hope… I have so little hope when it comes to Baptists. They represent a clergy sexual abuse problem every bit as big as large the Catholic’s problem. Yet they do much less to confront the problem. I hope for change, but it almost never comes. When it does come, I am often surprised.