Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That damn statute of limitations

I don’t normally report crimes that show up as lawsuits instead of going to criminal court. I make exceptions when it as case where the statute of limitations is in play. Take this case for example. Jessica Bowman claims that she was molested at age four by a boy who was 14. The molestation lasted 4 years. The boy eventually became the church youth pastor. All of this happened in 1987. That would make Bowman 29 now and the case would be way too old for criminal prosecution.

There are other factors in play, Like an alleged confession from the youth pastor. The victims only recourse is to sue somebody. But who? She’s targeted the pastor of church for failing to live up to his mandatory reporter responsibility. I think she has a strong case.

"I think he stopped molesting me when I was 8 because he realized I was getting older and he was worried I might say something, so he stopped," said Bowman.

Bowman said in 1996, she and her family went to church leaders with the allegations.

"The Four Square denomination (delete extra space between words) wrote me a letter saying, 'Sorry, and here's some money for therapy.'

Source: Woman Sues Church, Youth Pastor; Alleges Sexual Molestation

The church involved is  Dayspring Foursquare Church located on Terrace Way in Bakersfield, Ca.Ed Palacios is the Sr. pastor. The lawsuit identifies Damon Young as the youth pastor who assaulted Bowman.

Bowman is also asking other victims to come forward. In his interview with police the youth pastor allegedly admitted to molesting other children. There are other potential victims. Bowman is a brave woman. I hope the other victims can step forward.

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