Friday, May 04, 2012

I get comments

I blow most comments off, even when they attack me. On the other hand, sometimes I feel compelled to share. This comment was left in reference to Hands that pray also prey, a post about alleged sexual groper and Christian Karl VanderWoude.
Anonymous said... What a bunch of hate mongers you all are. Turns out the guy is INNOCENT. I think the crazy people are the ones pushing hate out into the world and spreading these horrible accusations about an innocent man. Instead of posting your hate and moving on I hope a few of you scumbags keep up to date with this and write a blog about how horrible you feel about being such a douche-bag. And screw you, the less evil people in the world (who else would read your trash blog) that know my name, the better.
This was followed by a personal attack. I get lots of these. Why did I choose Deep Thoughts as a name? I love Jack Handy.
Anonymous said... Also, "Deep Thoughts"?!?! Are you kidding me?! If these are your "Deep Thoughts" you're a complete simpleton. Please don't breed.
It’s easy enough to guess your name Karl. I get that you are pissed about the press and blog coverage of your story. However, as of the time I write this, the only evidence I have that you might be innocent are your assertions.
There are no stories suggesting that you are innocent. When (if) these hit the press, I will post them. If you are not the Well-Dressed Grouper, then I’ll be happy to offer you a guest post here on my blog (See the FAQ).

Do I think you are guilty? It really does not matter, does it? My opinion is meaningless. I did not even express an opinion in my original piece. Nope… I was snarky about your arrest, but neutral on your guilt or innocence.

And... good luck in court. I understand they have you on video.

Update 5/6/2012DA to drop charges against 'Gentleman Groper' because alibi checks out: lawyer
Update 5/6/2012Charges to be dropped against man accused of being preppy groper: lawyer

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