Saturday, May 05, 2012

Catholic, pedophile and youth pastor

JoeTapiaThe phrase just flows off your tongue, Joe Tapia III stands accused of producing child porn and exploiting children. Did I mention he’s a Catholic youth pastor?

Tapia's coworkers said they found chats with an individual representing a 16-year-old boy from Argentina. They also claim to have found photographs of young boys with exposed genitalia.

In March, the FBI searched Tapia's computer at Excel Learning Center and found pictures that appeared to be of children between the ages of 12 and 13 with their genitals exposed.

Yet, this man’s alleged crimes did not stop his supporters from showing up in court. 10 people were hoping he would be released because he is nice guy and no threat to the community at all. The judge ruled Tapia should be locked up. I’m sure the citizens of El Paso are pleased.

"He was a real professional gentleman, always on time" said Robert Chavez.

Tapia appears to have admitted to at least some of the crimes, which is rare in these types of cases because the penalties are so high. Perhaps he will do the right thing here and take responsibility for his alleged crimes. You never know.