Friday, April 27, 2012

Hands that pray also prey

Karl VanderWoude likes to hang out with friends, host bible studies, pray, and allegedly grope young women and snap upskirt photos. Don’t worry though, he’s a nice Christian.
"We had some meetings for bible study" in Vanderwoude's apartment, said Javier Maldonado, 38, a neighbor of the pair, who said he attended several Bible study groups at the apartment in recent months.
Maldonado said he was shocked to hear the news about Vanderwoude, adding, "He's a pretty quiet guy, a kind guy."
Read more: Accused 'Well Dressed' Groper Hosted Bible Studies, Neighbors Say
But wait. There is more. VanderWoude, a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian “university” in Florida, allegedly has a fetish problem (and impulse control issues).
On March 30, he allegedly grabbed a 22-year-old woman inside the subway station at Centre and Chambers streets, touching her buttocks and forcing her to stick her hand between her legs underneath her skirt while apparently recording with his cell phone, the complaint said. The woman then felt the man's hand near her groin while he had his cell phone underneath her skirt.
He’s friends think it is a case of mistaken identity because he’s too nice to do something like this and he’s a Christian…. as if that matters.

Update 4/22/2012 - Karl Vanderwoude Insists He Is Not the ‘Well-Dressed’ Groper
Update 4/22/2012Karl Vanderwoude Tells CBS 2 He Is Not The ‘Gentleman Groper’
Update 5/6/2012DA to drop charges against 'Gentleman Groper' because alibi checks out: lawyer
Update 5/6/2012Charges to be dropped against man accused of being preppy groper: lawyer

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Anneliese said...

Some of my relatives are fundy-whackaloons. Several of them have the belief that they can do whatever they please because they've been "saved." They are evil people who seem to go out of their way to cause harm and they do not care about it.

A couple of catholics I have known had a similar outlook: they did appalling things but it was OK because they went to confession and after emitting some hot air they were good with their imaginary friend.

I can't say much about this creep except that he really needs to be somewhere far from normal people.

Anonymous said...

you can't be serious with this. prey and pray. cute blog, what a joke. keep reading the news and post something factual rather than being the next guy making fun of karl's faith.

Mojoey said...

Factual... He stuck his hand under a gril's skirt and shot a photo. What else do you want? Should I leave out the stuff about him being a hypocrite?

LCforevah said...

I knew something was very wrong with the state of xtianity in this country when one of those blonde teachers who was convicted of molesting a student, declared that her life was alright because she had Jeebus in her heart. No, it wasn't the one who later married her victim, it was another!The state of religion has really deteriorated in this country, somehow.Or maybe it's more obvious due to the Intertubes!

LCforevah said...

PS, pervert boy's behavior is escalating.

ReasonBeing said...

I do not have much patience for people like our anonymous commenter. What type of proof would he want? I think you clearly showed "something factual". Typical to hit and run while saying nothing of substance...

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hate mongers you all are. Turns out the guy is INNOCENT. I think the crazy people are the ones pushing hate out into the world and spreading these horrible accusations about an innocent man. Instead of posting your hate and moving on I hope a few of you scumbags keep up to date with this and write a blog about how horrible you feel about being such a douche-bag. And screw you, the less evil people in the world (who else would read your trash blog) that know my name, the better.

Anonymous said...

Also, "Deep Thoughts"?!?! Are you kidding me?! If these are your "Deep Thoughts" you're a complete simpleton. Please don't breed.

Mojoey said...

If you have proof that he is innocent, please post it. I see nothing in the press saying that charges were dropped.

As for the name... read the FAQ.